The Land of Dreams and Darkness

Newborn Sleeping


Laundry, dishes, cleaning,

The carousel spins and spins,

Yet I’m immobilized by my captor’s cries,

Chained to this chair, once again.


Back and forth, back and forth,

My body sways in time,

To the tranquil roar of waves ashore,

Lulling my busy mind.


Your heavy head against my arm,

The heat of your hand upon my heart,

Your breath today takes mine away,

As your tiny lips purse, then part.


I count your lashes one by one,

And the carousel starts to slow,

Suddenly, in your sleep, you giggle with glee,

As if you somehow know,


That cradling your limbs

So that you may linger

In the land of dreams and darkness,

Is neither punishment nor prison

But liberation—I am risen

From the chains that bound me before.

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